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    How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news! Romans 10:15

Welcome to Christians in Media

Connect. Engage. Proclaim.

Christians in Media is a fellowship comprised of Christian journalists, editors, writers, broadcasters, bloggers, publishers, photographers, videographers, media students and other media professionals dedicated to serving Jesus Christ through the reporting of news, defense of biblical values and amplification of the Christian voice.

CIM exists in the context of the new media landscape–where 24/7 news cycles, globalization, social media and the blogosphere reign. In the face of this changing landscape, as well as other economic, social, political and spiritual challenges, Christians in Media members are called to keep the Bible at the center of our hearts. And by striving to love God and one another in Jesus Christ, we believe we have enjoyed His favor as our fellowship continues to grow.

Our mission is to pursue, investigate, and uncover the truth; to reflect a Biblical perspective in news reporting; and to equip CIM members with spiritual resources and professional skills.

We invite you to join us on this journey to produce Biblically sound journalism for today’s world!

 Featured Work:

Panel at SBC’s Annual Meeting (Photo submitted by member)

President Barack Obama (Photo submitted by member)

Eric Metaxas (Photo submitted by member)







Global Reach

Expanding our network

Christians in Media members currently reach a total annual audience of over 1 billion views, which represents a significant  increase from previous years.

Vision Casting

Sharpening our focus

CIM is undergoing a series of vision casting meetings, charged by our fast growing membership base to hone CIM’s vision and better serve you.

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