As I travel to Washington today to moderate a panel of experts in web technology, constitutional law, religious freedom policy, and journalism, on the issue of free speech on the Internet, two breaking news stories – one tragic and the other intrig


ing – show the relevance of NRB’s John Milton Project for Religious Free Speech, the venture that is dealing with that very issue.

The sad news today was that U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and other State Department staff were murdered late Tuesday in Libya at the hands of protesters who were outraged by an allegedly anti-Muslim video that was produced in America. The other story was the announcement of Apple’s iPhone 5, a new device that economists predict may bump up the GDP in our country by as much as one-half percent. Where such GDP growth is measured now in meager terms of around 2%, that contribution by a single new media company to the U.S. economy is substantial.

What do these events have in common?

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